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BYS Nude 2 Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Eyeshadow palettes are one of my favorite stuffs in make-up. It would always remind me of my watercolor that creates many possibilities. So today, I will be reviewing my first palette from BYS. The palette I have from them is the Nude 2. Actually BYS have various palettes to choose. From these nudes up to the bold and edgy colors, they created palettes that would fit to any occasion. Just a quick trivia, BYS is an Australian company. Their products are distributed worldwide and luckily it was able to reach the Philippines. (Yehey! :)) One palette would cost Php 1, 199.00. I can say that the price would be quite high compared to local brands but if you would compare it to international brands this one would be cheaper. It’s a complete steal.



This palette completely reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. From the container up to the color selections. I could see  there are few differences but I could not deny it has some resemblance.  In the front, the name of the palette is stated as well as the brand. The other necessary details are stated at the back such as the ingredients and colors. I like how they presented the colors’ name because there is color guide so you will not keep on looking inside the palette to know which color is which.



The colors I get here are morning, guest list, selfie, flirt, VIP, photo op, shots, smoke machine, d floor, pick up, heels off and midnight. Apparently some of the colors are so nude that it would camouflage to my eyelids.


Inside contains a mirror, the eyeshadows, and 2 brushes. The mirror is quite good because of it’s zooming effect. It could make your eyelids very visible. The con that I found is that it could not properly reflect your face. The zoom effect is good for quick makeups but if you’re a detail oriented type better grab a better mirror because this won’t be enough. I don’t usually use free brushes but when it comes to emergencies this lady got no choice so I don’t remove them. These brushes are okay. It can totally get the colors but the applications becomes really hard. Using these brushes creates patchy and uneven distribution.

Time for my favorite part, SWATCHES!!!



These are the matte colors. It is consists of Morning, Selfie, VIP and Midnight . (Top to bottom) VIP totally disappeared in my arm lol.



There are more metallics compared the matte. The first four are Guest list, Flirt, Photo op and Shots. The second is consists of Smoke Machine, D floor, Pick up and Heels off.

The things that I notice in the eyeshadows is that the pigmentation varies and it would usually depend if the color is matte or metallics. The matte shades are kinda powdery and the pigmentation is not that good. It needs to be layered to achieve a visible shade. Meanwhile I’m totally in love with the metallics. Its pigmentation is the bomb and it would actually leave a stain to make the color more visible when applied. I enjoyed applying the metallics.

Overall I can say that the palette is actually worth the try and a must have for your makeup collection. Before I forget, let’s end this review with a selfie!


I’m using the BYS Nude 2 for my eyes. It’s perfect for everyday use and for girl’s night out. It’s my new travel buddy.



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My Cutie Concealer ft Skin Potions Concush

Welcome to my world geeks! These past weeks, I have been hoarding Skin Potions products. Why? Their products are simply addicting and it was on sale. These two factors makes me splurge in buying make-up. Actually, I’m a sun block type person. I mean that I would like to wear less make-up and focus on skin care. In going to school, I don’t usually use bb creams, cc creams, foundations, or concealers. But recently, I have dark circles due to late night editing and this is when I decided to buy my very first concealer. Yep. it’s my first concealer. Don’t worry I’ll do my best to describe it.



Presenting my very own Concush! Isn’t it cute? So it states here that the Concush is a concealer correcting cushion. The shade that I have is the butternut. Apparently, the Skin Potions only got 2 shades available. The vanilla which is a light beige and the butternut which is a sand beige. I would really suggest that they add more shades because the color selection is too limited.



Wondering why it’s called Concush? According to my theory (lol), I could say it came from the words concealer and cushion. But where is the cushion? The answer lies underneath the cover.



Tadaa! This is the cushion. It looks like a soft puff ball placed in the of a pen. How to do you get the concealer? Just push the button at the top a couple of times and the concealer will appear at the tip. I could say the con is that you can’t actually see the product inside. It actually smells like butternut. Every time I apply, it always remind me to eat hahaha. The Concush is buildable, so I could layer it to fully cover the blemishes. The consistency is not so thick or watery and it actually dries pretty fast. It can be used as bb cream and finish it will powder to make it last longer. In terms of longevity, it would only last 3-4 hours without powder. If you use powder, the result will be around 4-5 hours. This is all according to my experience. Btw my face is super oily and sweats a lot. The powder will help in making the pores less visible.

Coverage Test!

Applying it for dark circles:

Notice the difference!


Hiding a pimple: 


After using Concush:


One Concush is worth Php 350.00 for 10 ml. In my opinion, the price is quite high. Well I’ll give consideration about their creativity. It’s not really normal to see this type of concealers at the mall. So it’s just worth the price plus the button is really a stress reliever. I enjoy using it. The cushion serves as the applicator and sponge at the same time. Just apply and pat it all over your face. This is what I call useful.


Using concush, find my pimple.

This baby is definitely worth a try.


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Glowing with the Bomb ft Skin Potions’ Glow Bomb Review



Skin Potions is well known producing high quality skincare products, and I was very excited when they started making cosmetics. One of the most talked about is their Glow Bomb. It is a palette that is a mixture of highlighters, bronzer and eyeshadow. Yes, all those 3 are present in one palette. Their color selections are certainly the bomb that it can be used that way. Its buildable and contains a good pigmentation, using it on your eyes makes it more attractive.It already shows the signs of usage because I already murdered it when I made my swatches.



The palette contains 6 different shades. One palette cost Php 560.00 which is really a steal. If you buy a single highlighter, it would somehow cost Php 300.00 and above which is more than half the price. The colors of this palette are white, yellow, pink, brown, light brown and reddish brown. I’m gonna classify the colors to which is best for highlighters, bronzer and eyeshadow.




These are my top colors that would really make you glow. The colors include light brown, white, yellow and pink. In this swatch,


I got 2 colors best for bronzer. The brown is my best bet for a bronzer and I’m considering light brown. I don’t really want to define my cheeks that much because its already huge lol. So I just need a little sparkle to make it noticeable.


I’m considering these colors good for blush. The reddish brown is very pigmented and yet the shade is not that popping.  This color will do good as a blush and it will be suited for formal occasions. Meanwhile this light pink is good for casual occasions. Just remember to apply it minimally because its heavily pigmented.


All of them! No reasoning needed. I’m super satisfied with this palette. It gives the right glow I need plus it’s an addition to my new eyeshadow palette.


I could say that the packaging is a con because it is made of cardboard. I don’t really feel secure in carrying it anywhere. Also it’s quite big so it more product and less travel friendly. You better leave this baby at home.


I also notice that it lacks a mirror but most of the highlighters don’t have any so it’s just fine with me. Nevertheless, the quality is to die for. Plus its organic!


I’m sharing the look I created using the Glow Bomb.


What do you think? I know there are still a lot of Glow Bombs who are in need of a new mommy. 😀




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A cushion for BROWS?! with Skin Potion Brow Cush Review

Haloo Geeks, I’m back! Sorry for being inactive for weeks, got a lot of school stuff to do. So I’m back and I’ll try to catch up with my reviews. Today I’m gonna review the Brow 

Skin Potion’s Brow Cush

This baby right here is one of the most innovative product I have seen made by Skin Potions. It’s a cushion for brows! But don’t worry, it wont give the dewy finish that air cushions do to the face. Instead it turns into matte giving the brows a deep color.




So this is how it looks like. The packaging is super cute. I think all of the packaging of Skin Potions is super cute and it really felt that they think through of each of their designs. Its really handy in terms of traveling for it is made of plastic. At the back, the expiry date is stated also the shade number. Actually there are two colors available and I choose #2 because its darker perfect for my ultra black hair.




Inside it contains a mirror, the cushion and the brush. I appreciate the cover of the cushion because its very secure and it prevents spillage. I don’t want to have a mirror looking muddy and it would be a hassle to clean it.




The brush is foldable and comes with a 2 ends which is the angle and the spoolie. I found a problem with the angle brush because the product is semi-liquid. The brush tends to absorb more of the product and when you try applying it would somehow separate and divide that will make application harder. The advice I could give is that clean the brush more often or every after use. Also when you apply, use only the tip of the angle brush in dipping the cushion.

Here is a swatch of the product:




Each product got 2 colors and the one I have is dark brown and brown. To prove that this product is waterproof, I applied the Brow Cush before I took my bath and see at the difference.





The color become lighter but I could really say it’s still intact. Waterproof? Maybe. More likely of a 50-50 decision still I would consider it waterproof because it was not erased after all of those water lol. I have been using it these past few days and I could say that it could last up to 6-8 hours depending if your really oily and sweat a lot. In my condition, (it sounds so serious hahaha) I really have oily face even I stay in an air conditioned room so it survived for 6 hours without retouching.

Curious about the price? It’s only for Php 299.00 or 300.00 rounded off. Swear, this is the lowest price for a brow cush that I have seen. Mostly are around Php 500.00. I would definitely gonna say that buying this baby is such a steal.

Pssst….. You better start buying and experience the kilay goals made possible by Skin Potions.


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Bite is my new Holy Grail : Bite Cosmetics Review

Hi geeks! Today I’m gonna review these newly acquired babies I have. Well I have been using them for quite sometime and I could no longer deny that I’m getting hooked with Bite products. Bite Cosmetics is based on Canada and mostly of their products are available in Sephora. Unfortunately Sephora Philippines doesn’t have their products, so if you’re from the Philippines like me, you could simply order it online.



The products I have are the Multistick in the shade of Mochi and Amuse Bouche in the shade of Thistle. I’m gonna start with the lipstick which is the Thistle.


Amuse Bouche is the perfect bite that redefines lipstick. This may sound so confident but to tell you the truth Bite never failed to prove it and make this a fact. I’m mind blown by it’s pigmentation, long lasting formulation plus it might look glossy but it’s super light weight. It currently have 34 shades to choose from so there is no reason that they wont have the right shade for you.


The shade of Thistle is a cool tone and a mixture of gray and violet. The shade is a bit edgy and not really advisable for everyday look. The trick I do is that I mix it with the multistick.

It would somehow look like this. This shade is APPROVED by my mom. She actually reacts to my bold lipsticks so keeping it minimal is the key. I almost forgot to mention the price. One lipstick cost $26. It’s quite expensive but it’s really worth the price.


The next one baby is called as Multistick. I’m actually curious about the name itself so when I search the net, the product gives justice to the name. This baby definitely fits the description of small but terrible. Not in a bad sense but it’s out of this world. I’m not sponsored in giving such a high praise but it’s really worth praising. Imagine an eyeshadow, blush and lipstick all in one product. It’s not called a multistick for nothing. It cost $24 . To prove it’s claim, I’m gonna do a monochrome makeup.




I’m starting with the eyes, I’ll will be using 2 techniques on applying to see the difference. The first technique is applying the product directly and the other is with the brush.

Direct Application:
Brush Application:

Apparently there is a bit difference on their effect, when I used it directly the color can be easily spread with your fingers but it would totally appear a bit lighter. Layering will be advised if you want to achieve a full color. Meanwhile with the brush application, the color will easily pop and stand out. I actually used a crease brush so it would explain why mostly of the color is in the crease. I’ll just balance both sides for the monochromatic look.



On doing the blush, I’m also gonna use the 2 techniques in applying.

Brush Application:


Direct Application:


Wahhh! I look like a clown. The brush apparently got too much of the product and now my cheeks are on fire. Applying a small amount on the brush would really go a long way. When you use a brush, the effect actually looks like a blush. Meanwhile when you apply it directly, it would have the effect of a natural glow just like a tint. Whatever type of application, it would look gorgeous.


Lastly let’s do the lip. I found a con in the product in terms for application on the lips. Since the form of this is having a round tip, it became hard to fill the lips especially to the cupid’s bow and the end parts. I suggest when using it on the lips, use a brush or use your fingers to spread it evenly. The color of the multistick on the lips would actually depend on the pressure you apply.

On my upper lip, I applied less pressure so it end looking like a natural lip color that is kinda reddish. The lower lip looks to be a deeper and bolder shade of red.



Balanced the shade and now the look is complete!

Check out that Monochrome look.

What do you think? Isn’t Bite a real holy grail?




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Burgundy is my color : Kyshadow Burgundy Palette Review

Kylie Lip kits are vegan! I know right, this very fact also make me want to try those lip kits. But i’m not here to talk about their lip kits, I’m here to share my experience with my very own Kyshadow Burgundy Palette.




I’m kinda late in reviewing this product but I believe there is never too late when it comes to cosmetics. People will always to call the older edition as classics. Btw, the Kylie Cosmetics is releasing a birthday edition. I’m nothing against pink but it’s too girly for my taste. I guess they choose the color in line with the birthday celebration.



Anyway, this is my Kylie Kyshadow. I got the classic packaging with the one eye closed. I actually prefer this type of design. For me, it’s simple yet attractive.


Inside is the palette, here both eyes are open and there is this mascara running from the eyes. I like this mascara run off due to its color and I would actually want to wear something like this. On the second thought, maybe I’ll just wear it during Halloween. I don’t want to freak out my grandma.


At the back of the palette, contains the similar info with the box but with the shade names. 

The usual price of a Kyshadow here in the Philippines is around Php 2,500.00 or $50.00. It’s a bit higher than in the U.S. because sellers here tend to buy it online, then they pay shipping also some tax. It would totally explain why its a bit higher and I’m totally not complaining. Buying from online sellers helps them a lot compared buying in malls. I really support online selling from different individuals.


Tadaa!  These are the colors inside. Aren’t they pretty? It reminds me of fall also the sunset. Care for some swatches?




I already made this long time ago and already posted in my instagram account.  According to my experience, the color pigmentation usually depend in the shade. The lightest shade is less pigmented and could be easily erase while the darker ones are the bomb. I totally enjoyed playing with this.




If you are wondering where the burgundy shade, it’s the that shade of  red violet over there. The most center of all colors. The star of this palette.


When I apply the kyshadow, I usually use primer to make the colors really pop because its not that visible due to my tan skin.

What do you think of this palette? Comment and share your experience.


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Beige on my FACE! : Beige Chuu Cosmetics Review

As Asian, I always prefer wearing  minimal make-up and flaunt that gorgeous skin. Koreans are very know for this aspect. Fortunately, I was able to grab some Korean make-up goodies and these are from Beige Chuu cosmetics. I got three babies here; the single eyeshadow, single blush and ampoule glotint (psst its a lipcream tint sort of lol)


I’m gonna create a full face make-up with these goodies but since it’s not a complete makeup set. I’m gonna use other products such as foundation, loose powder, some concealer, eyeliner, and brows. It is just to emphasize the shade and how it would normally look.

Starting off with the eyes, I got this single eyeshadow in the shade of cracky brown. I love nude colors but this shade is very close to my skin.

Look, its barely noticeable in my arm swatch. I did it like three layers to achieve this swatch shade. On my first try in applying this shade directly to my eye, it was completely a fail. I only applied one layer and it looks like nothing’s there.


On this pic, I applied some primer and made 3 layers to make the shade completely visible. I used the eyeshadow at crease part and add another color. This eyeshadow is very light but blendable and buidable. I suggest this to people with light complexion. Not very suitable if your a tan like me because it takes time to build the color.

The next item is this blush in the shade of hold on pink. It’s pinkish and contains some glitters. Since I usually use a darker shade of pink for my blush. I’m not quite sure if the color is that visible with my skin.

I love the glitter! It’s so Korean. I mean the way it is formulated. It’s like for the cutie type of girl. I applied two layers because it was too light for my skin. I personally think this blush is good for both light and beige/tan skin. It’s also builadable. 

Too close!

The last item is this amploule glotintin the shade of when the coral. I was having high expectations with this product but I was kinda disappointed. From the name glotint, I imagine it having the qualities of a tint especially the part where it would leave a stain.

Well the shade is a pretty orange which is perfect for morenas. This is oil based where you can immediately notice the glossy effect. Due to its glossiness, after eating light snacks or drinking water it somehow magically disappear. Not exaggerating. It kinda feels heavy on the lips. I could say it will only last a few hours but not half a say. It’s a cute lipstick and perfect for korean look. But if you prefer a lipstick that would last all day, this one is not for you.

Shiny and Slippery lol

My complete Korean look using Beige Chuu Cosmetics.


What do you think?

Will I find oppa if I look like this? Excuse my annoying face lol.